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Skip bin with lid closed

Ever wondered if there was a better way to load skip bins than just tossing in trash until they’re full? Ever noticed the gaps between junk, and wished you could save a trip by maximising the use of your skip bin’s volume? It’s surprisingly easy to do so, and even more surprising is how big a difference it makes!

In today’s blog post, we’re looking at a few things to keep in mind while filling your skip, to save you trouble down the line.

Why worry about the load skip bins can handle?

First of all, why even worry about how you load your skip? A number of reasons.

Additional to what we’ve already mentioned, filling your skip bin comes with a few restrictions that are in place to keep you and others safe.

Bins need to be covered while in transit, so you can’t legally fill them above the rim, even though it may seem like a good idea! This is to minimise the chance of large or heavy waste coming out during transit, which poses a danger to any other motorists. Try visualising being in the driver’s seat, in the vehicle behind your skip. If the thought makes you hesitate at all, then it’s probably worth repacking your skip, before being told you have to by someone else!

What can you do to ensure responsible waste bin hire?

Thankfully, it’s easy to follow the few helpful suggestions we have for loading your skip bin:

  • Make sure you load the heaviest waste, like concrete or other building materials, on the bottom, and load lighter waste, like branches or other green waste, on the top.
  • Leave out the recycling! Many people will take advantage of their skip by filling it with a wide variety of waste, but it’s a good idea to pass on the recycling. You shouldn’t be paying to have it removed – your local government will do it for free! Make sure you double-check recycling options for glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard, rather than spend your skip bin space on them.
  • Try to pack tactically! Thank ahead and arrange your waste like puzzle pieces to avoid any major gaps. Disassemble oddly shaped objects, like broken furniture, and try to crush or flatten other large objects.
  • Keep your skip bin on your property. While it makes sense to put your skip by the roadside for easier collection, it encourages others in your neighbourhood to use the skip too.

Where can you find cheap skin bins?

Now that you know the best practice for loading your skip, you’re ready to save time and money by avoiding troublesome fines and extra trips! If you’re in the market for cheap skip hire Auckland wide, visit Bargain Bins to quickly and easily get a quote for the volume that suits you – we also provide waste bin hire across Tauranga, and Hamilton!