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Three workers on a construction site handling building materials

Waste management is an important part of any construction project. Effective waste management promotes safe working practices and sustainable waste disposal. In this post, we cover five tips that you can use to better manage waste at your construction site.

1. Minimising landfill costs

With both landfill taxes and disposal charges growing each year, sending large volumes of waste to landfill is becoming expensive, especially with tight budgets. To counter the threat:

● Order standard-sized material wherever possible to reduce off-cut waste. If you’re left with off-cuts, try to use them first before ordering new materials.

● Check that all materials are handled correctly on site to avoid damage. Damaged materials lead to waste, this can be avoided with proper material handling procedures in place.

● Plan in advance what materials are needed for the project. This reduces the need for over-ordering materials, which can add excessive waste and costs to your project.

2. Separate waste effectively

How waste is separated and stored is critical for effective construction waste management. Measures you can implement to promote effective waste separation include:

● Introducing secure on-site waste storage that features clearly labelled and colour-coded waste management skip bins or wheelie bins for different types of waste.

● Consider deploying a mini crusher and screener for leftover blocks, bricks, and rubble. These materials take up a lot of space in the construction site; using this method will make the waste more manageable.

● If you have sufficient budget, consider bringing on board a team to exclusively promote and manage waste. The alternative would be to hire a professional waste management company.

3. Promote waste recycling within the construction site

When it comes to waste, embracing recycling processes will help protect budgets on existing and future builds. To promote an effective waste recycling system:

● Waste can be recycled or resold, depending on the materials. Concrete, for example, requires a different recycling method than timber. Scrap metal can be resold to generate revenue. Identifying how to recycle each material is essential to keep waste and costs to a minimum.

● Choose recycled materials for your construction project. These offer the same quality at a lower unit price. If a high-quality recyclable material is on the market, consider using that for your project.

4. Reuse existing materials

While this largely depends on the specific construction project, consider reusing existing materials. Damaged materials can be repaired or traded, instead of thrown away – our tips include:

● Stockpile crushed materials from early phases of a project to reuse in later phases. Leftover materials can often be used on other jobs.

● Collaborate with other businesses to identify potential opportunities for exchanging reusable materials. Pallets, bricks, and scrap metal can be traded or sold for a profit.

● Reuse temporary materials such as fencing or plasterboard, and carry out repairs on damaged goods such as pallets.

● If undertaking a refurbishment project, reuse or repurpose materials that have been stripped out. This avoids the need for purchasing expensive new materials.

5. Allying with the right suppliers

Develop the right waste management strategy by sourcing suitable waste specialists and suppliers. They should ideally:

● Offer take-back schemes that enable you to sell or send back excess materials, including packaging.

● Choose suppliers that offer eco-friendly or recyclable materials.

● Allow for staggered or partial deliveries, reducing the need for managing on-site storage areas. Alternatively, consider using a waste skip bin hire service that regularly removes waste from the construction site.

By implementing these techniques, businesses will not only protect their profit margins and enjoy a competitive edge, but also help promote a sustainable waste management of the construction site.

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